August 05, 2012

How To Doctor Brownie Mixes

Oh baby Jesus
Doctoring brownies is a term used when customizing a box brownie mix. Sometimes, you want to go that extra mile with your brownies and add those special ingredents which would undoubtfully satisfy! This article will go though various ways to doctor up boxed brownies.

Candy / Cookies:
Oreo brownies are definitely man's greatest invention (see picture above). M&M brownies, Reeses cup brownies, or twix brownies are just a few brand names of chocolate which you could add to a batch of brownies for real treat.

Sweet and Salty:
Our taste buds can detect five distinct flavors, sweetness and saltiness are two of them. Add course sea salt ontop of warm-gooey brownies for that perfect mélange of flavors. Adding peanut butter or pretzels into a brownie batter could also achieve that sweet and salty factor you're looking for.

Chocolate / Fudgy Overload:
Adding extra choclate chips or baker's chocolate are common methods for bakers to achieve a deep chocolatly flavor. If you're looking for a deep, dark chocolate flavor then adding a few extra teaspoons of unsweetend coaco or a few teaspoons of instant coffee will exemplify the chocolately tones within a brownie mix. Chocolate fudge bits, chocolate syrup, and even chocolate ice cream are other routes which I have used to make the most unbeliveably rich, fudge brownies.

Frosting / Icing:
A nice layer of butter cream icing or frosting above a boxed brownie mix can give brownies a whole new feel. Experiment a bit too, spreading Nutella or peanut butter on top also works!

Some people are allergic to nuts, others are absolutely nutty for nuts and brownies! It goes without saying, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts... any type of nut ontop or within brownies give chewy brownies that crunchy opposition.

For more Ideas on how to doctor brownies, check out this link.

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